Jamie Rowe


Jamie Rowe was born in October of 1989 in the English County of Cornwall. In 1994, he emigrated to the scorching shores of Australia along with his family. He developed a deep love for reading at a young age, which was carefully nurtured by his parents. His first sojourn into writing was at the age of eleven when he wrote the truly awful first chapter in a sequel to the Lord of the Rings (spoiler alert: Gollum came back to life as the Dark Lord. Yikes!)

He graduated from the University of Queensland in 2014 with an Archaeology Major and went on to become a Site Supervisor in the UK, unearthing archaeological material dating as far back as the Bronze Age. Jamie currently lives in Brisbane, Australia with his fiance, Tiana and his dogs, Marcy & Loki. In his spare time he likes watching sport, reading, bingeing tv series and playing Magic The Gathering and DND with his friends.

Since 2009, writing has completely enveloped every aspect of Jamie's non-professional life, penning four novels to date, he hopes to be writing until his fingers are ancient and arthritic. His debut novel, The Curse of the Skyfolk, was released in February 2018 and is the first installment of the Rogue War Saga.